Jenn Brookes photographer portrait


Hi my name is Jennifer (So 80’s) but I like to be called Jenn as it makes me feel like I have lots of best friends, I am 32 living just outside of Manchester.

I started officially with my film camera in my Fine Art degree in 2006 and went in the dark room with one roll of film to develop. After that experience I knew photography was going to be a big part of my life. I've been shooting a mixture of film and digital since then. I officially started shooting weddings in 2015. So I've been doing photography for 13 years now.

I absolutely adore film, especially instant film. Fancy a peek at my POLAROIDS here?

I live in Littleborough near Hollingworth Lake in a Victorian end terrace house full of flowers with my fiancé Luke and my rare female all ginger rescue cat, Clementine.(Most ginger cats are Male).

 Every time I travel to a new place I take a roll of film to experiment with. I took some Lomo purple film to Slovenia in 2017 last year and it worked out really well.


My ginger cat Clementine

My favourite hobbies apart from photography are running, flower arranging and watching documentaries. I completed C25k back in June and Rochdale 10k in October 2017. This year my goal is a half marathon in May. I love walking and travelling to new places. Me and Luke usually go away to the Lakes at New Year and plan a few holidays each year.

Programmes I love, Escape to the Chateau, Marie Kondo (my latest obsession)and Black Mirror. My guilty pleasure is Teen Mom, cannot believe I actually typed that.

On weekends off I spend time going to visit family, so we pop down the road and have a brew with Luke's mum, dad and sister with his two nieces. We make dens and eat home made cakes. We always come back with temporary tattoos and our nails done. If we aren’t doing that we are visiting new places, we recently stayed near Port Merion on the coast of Wales in a cabin and it was brilliant.

Me and Luke are currently planning our stylish and mega small wedding in July of this year, we are both quite shy and just wanted to share the day with our nearest and dearest. Also we need more money for our trip back to Slovenia. I cannot wait to get back to those Mountains. So brides I am with you, I am finally experiencing what it is like to plan a wedding. Luke is notoriously laid back he asked me if he could have something more practical than a wedding ring, such as a wedding belt. I find this hilarious but he tells me it was a joke (I do not believe him!)

We sometimes pop to Manchester on the train as its not far and go for coffee at Man Co Co or Mackie Mayors and have tea out, we like the best street food from the Tiffin Rooms. We also love to go to Art galleries/museums to see the latest exhibitions, there is one at the moment of Martin Parr’s work and I have been three times already.

What makes me awesome as a photographer is you wont see ,me but I'm getting in the mix and capturing all the moments. I see beautiful things and opportunity everywhere. I can make the most beautiful creative and emotional photos without you even noticing. I also shoot lots of film so I am creative with digital but also polaroids, Instax and my Diana cameras. Chuck a camera at me and I can figure out how to use it. Its my goal this year to shoot more Instax wide as I get beaut results from it time and time again. Oh and I always include film in my wedding photography as its just part of me and something I want to share with you.

You are looking for a photographer who can capture moments who doesn't make you feel uncomfortable or make you do any posing. A photographer who has the same style as you and loves what you love. Most of all you want relaxed photographs of everyone being in the moment. That's me!

I would say my work has a vintage touch, I do strive for timeless, meaning my images can never age. I hope you like my work and we have a few things in common. Get in contact or drop me an email and we can have a chat.