Fletcher And Foley Flower Arranging 121


I've always wanted to learn flower arranging, nothing too fancy just the basics to cover how to put something in a vase and not have it look an awful mess. Ive always wanted to know how they do those hand tied bouquets. I love the over flowing, free and textured looks but have you noticed that all the florists who have shops just seem so perfect.I want a bit of grit in my floristry! I came up with the idea of finding a florist who I liked and through asking on my Facebook someone suggested Fletcher and Foley. Jo runs the business and I just found her on instagram and sent her a message. Something along the lines of " I love your style and what you do, do you offer any workshops or 121's? " Jo replied and  we organised today.Really that simple and it was such a lovely thing to do.I got to learn about flowers, how to condition them and arrange them.

Jo was really lovely taking the time to show me her craft today and I really love her work.It was such a compliment for her to say I was a natural and now I feel I have some basics down so I don't just get tulips from Sainsbury's and plonk them in a vase that's the wrong size and doesn't compliment them whatsoever!

One of the best things I got out of today is a  the power of motivation and how we can all make things happen.A simple instagram message and I learnt all about how to do amazing flower arrangements.

If you have something you want to learn, get messaging! 

Here are some photographs, I am hoping to do prints of polaroids in the future if there is interest. Please do let me know if you like any of them. 


Red roses in a hand tied DIY bouquet

Hand Tied Bouquet  

Modern pastel pinks with green foliage, textured vase arrangment

Vase arrangement