Camel and Cactus Shoot with Tea Party at The Zoo Jewellery

I sourced this amazing venue in Wythenshawe Park in Manchester of all the places. They have a cactus garden and its full of plants and succulents. Ask anyone in Manchester if they have heard of this and only a few people have.

The aim of the shoot was to showcase both Cactus and Camel editions of Jewellery that Hannah @teapartyatthezoo makes. She is a friend of mine who was introduced to me by another of my friends who met Hannah and said ‘ you remind me of my friend Jenn, you have to meet her’ since then we have done two jewellery shoots, many portraits and been to vintage by the sea and eaten lots of cake. Hannah’s style is impeccable, and her jewellery is an extension of her personality, its bloody amazing.

The two women we used for models are also two of my friends, Raquel who has amazing cheekbones and edgy style, who used to work with me in Topshop a few years back. Megan, who me and Hannah met at the Manchester WI. She has the most gorgeous hair, ace tattoos and has her own business called SWALK Creative.  I really wanted to use real women for my shoot, real women who would wear Hannah’s jewellery day to day.

Mimi is also the wondrous woman who did the makeup for the shoot, she came along and worked her magic.

Ive picked my favourite photos from the shoot which tell a more truthful story of the day. Hannah's photos will be featured on the website soon.

If you like the idea of doing a product shoot with me it is something I want to try in 2017 so please do get in touch.

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