Expose For The Highlights

Instead of doing a best of blog post for my 2017 weddings Ive decided to do something different. I am calling it 'Exposing for the highlights' Ive looked through all my photographs and picked the ones that have really paid attention to the light. Most tell a story of the day and use my favourite shadows.

2017 was a great year for my growth as an artist and I was so lucky to shoot at 20 weddings for that year.  I am now starting my third year of shooting weddings and I know I will never stop taking photographs.

I am looking at some personal projects for 2018 to run alongside my weddings and I am making it my goal to shoot more 120 film (medium format) such as my Diana camera, Holga and my Yashica. I experimented with my prism and Holga at Glenn and Olivia's wedding in April 2017 and really want to continue this experimentation as it worked so well.

A holga prism experiment at Glenn and Olivia's wedding

A holga prism experiment at Glenn and Olivia's wedding


If that wasn't enough, once a month I am aiming to do a still life and it can be of anything, I am going to post it on instagram with the hash tag #monthlystilllife and this is open to anyone. It doesn't have to be perfect but I mainly want to do this as I am being really inspired by the work of dutch floral painters such as Jan van Huysum.

In October I showed film only for one month and it was really successful, you can see any of that work on the hashtag #filmatweddings on instagram. I will be running this again in October 2018.

From this month I will be doing a monthly round up of all the things Ive been up to recently. I have some shoots planned in with some great wedding suppliers from the North West and some ideas I will be working on with my creative friends in the industry.

I have some of my wedding work appearing on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings Blog in February, I don't have a definite date for that yet but I will keep you posted. I am submitting other weddings to and determined to be featured elsewhere.

As a second shooter I had work on this Rock and Roll Bride blog for 2017.

I like to approach any project methodically, its the way I work best. I like to think of an idea where I can do a little bit of it and keep returning back to it. Such as my idea for this blog post.

I am really looking forward to spring this year and what more light and sunshine will do for my creativity.  

Here is are my expose for the highlights photographs.