Lomo Purple Photograph Kranska Gora Leaves

I love to take different films on my travels to experiment. I took this roll of Lomography Purple film and decided to try it out. I have never shot this before so wanted to see what would happen. Mountains and this purple film are such an unexpected nice mix. Ive since done some prints of these as they came out so well and put them in the kitchen in pink frames.

Slovenia is an amazing place and now a place I really care about after getting engaged there.It feels so magical with the mountains and trees and it was just so quiet. I'm still at the start of planning our wedding there (fingers crossed hopefully) but it will be so beautiful if we can make it happen.

These photos are taken on an Olympus Trip camera for these photos that I bought from ebay from around £30. I shot this 400 ISO film at 200. Not exactly sure why but I decided to push it a little. I home developed this film and thankfully it turned out so well. I also scanned in the film after with my Epson v600.

I think my real favourite is the one where they sky is green, I cant believe I was so lucky shooting this film and it turned out like this.

Ive spotted a few more films at a new website called Analogue Wonderland and I'm going to try a couple of those. I have another roll of film to develop from my travels to Barcelona, this one has lazers across it.

I like a good experiment and to play around with ideas. Already thinking about what I will take to Slovenia when I head back to get married. Maybe a good old disposable camera as i can't get enough of how imperfect they are.