Victoria Baths Styled Shoot

I organised a styled bridal shoot last year, it was my first one! I had the idea and jumped in and went for it. I was looking on Instagram and saw that a new boutique called Frock and Soul had opened near Manchester. I saw their dresses and looked at their brand and just knew that I wanted to work with them. Edgy, beautiful and bohemian dresses. I messaged Bekka (Owner of Frock and Soul) on Instagram and said I wanted to organise a shoot. That simple.

A few weeks later, I went to the opening of the shop in UpperMill. I was in the hills after being in the city centre only about 15 minutes earlier. It was a cold cold day I remember that. The boutique was so well thought out, little touches of things like a beautiful branch to hold all the dresses and a hanging chair. They had a vintage section that caught my eye, and every dress I saw was modern but with a boho edge, if that makes sense? I could imagine myself buying from their if I was getting married. (When I get married!)

My ideas for the shoot were Green, Movement and soft light. 

Me and Leah Henson weddings shoot together quite often, so we collaborated on the shoot. Bekka was more than happy to sort out the dresses, and I contacted venues. I didn’t initially have anywhere in mind as it was quite late in the year and most people wait until spring for bridal shoots. I rang Victoria Baths, and they booked us in for three hours.

It was a real DIY effort – I knew I wanted Eucalyptus, so I went to the florist at the corner of Manchester Piccadilly the day before and bought a big few bunches. I taped it together with floral tape, and that was my DIY bouquet. I think it actually looked OK. The Greens in Victoria Baths complimented the greens of the tiles. Almost like it was planned.

Leah organised the model Freya, and she was just so beautiful. I felt slightly awkward at times as I am not used to directing anyone, my style of shooting is to capture while you are moving and doing things unawares. We also had Emily Berry on makeup. By the end of the day though I had gotten really into it and I could not believe the beautiful work me and Leah had created. After my Polaroids fully developed, I did do something I don’t usually do and used the greens more in my editing.

The thing is now, I am really itching to do more shoots. I keep thinking of more ideas in my head, and I have one pencilled in with other ideas in the pipeline. I helped out at a different shoot last week, but I can't share that until I get the go ahead as I was a last minute extra. It.was.Beautiful!

If you liked this shoot you might like Camilla and Johns wedding as it was very stylish and boho.