Glenn & Olivia 20 04 17- Notes from the wedding book

So for 2017 I thought i would try something with my blogging method, after each wedding a few days later or so I write down the most memorable details about the day, what happened what I loved about it and want to share this with you.

Olivia and Glenn got married at Tyn Dwr Hall in North Wales. The building had a custom built extension which i believe wasn't even ready when Olivia and Glenn decided to get married there last year.See photos below. It stunning- maybe the best venue I've shot in? There were sheep in the background for the speeches, you don't get more rural than that.

Glenn arrived in a spectacular ghost busters car, you cant really make that up can you?

They have a daughter called Violet who was so sweet and the spit of Glenn. The bridesmaids had Violet coloured dresses, the nicest touch ever.

It was hilarious when someones phone went off during the ceremony, Glenn and Olivia paused during there vows and someones phone which was clearly still on directions said 'Turn left'. The whole room erupted with laughter.

Olivia's dress was stunning, the reason why it was so stunning was because it was classic white dress with a cut out back and diamantes all down the edging of the back.

Olivia's aunt had the biggest bag of dried petal confetti that she carried around with her right up until the confetti throwing where she practically dumped it on there heads.

In the venue there was a lot of history and lots of photos of weddings from years ago, it was such a nice touch.

The illustrations for the tables really caught me eye, that had been hand drawn with water colours, they were so beautiful.

The wedding flowers had eucalyptus in them,say no more!

The wedding cake was massive, it was literally 4 ft at least, Olivia had requested a whole section for a globe with fairy lights in the middle and when it came to cutting the cake I don't think they could bring themselves to actually cut it.

During the portrait session we went outside to see the grounds of the hall (very beautiful of course) and there is a white cottage that guests can stay in overnight. You can even rent it out for a few nights even if you're not getting married. There was a swing on the tree outside and it looked so quaint and cute

I worked alongside Leah Lombardi for this wedding, we are an amazing team. I also trialled out her Olympus Trip and ended up buying one straight after. 

I also took some photos with my holga that I am not developing until September, I am going to do this with a few weddings this year..ooh the excitement. I LOVE Film.

Film Photography At Weddings- My five personal favourites from 2016

I shoot film as its so real, so tactile and unpredictably beautiful. I cannot help but think of shooting with film all the time never mind at weddings. Its really nice to give my couples some options in how to express themselves and their individual style.

I have a few different film cameras that have different looks. Instax wide, Instax Mini, Diana camera, Canon F90 35mm film camera (My grandad gave me this one), Polaroid 600, SX70. Each has their own fairly predictable style. In general, I look at the weather and take a few with me that I think will work with the lighting conditions and then take risks.

Nothing beats that feeling of having taken the photo with the film to see how it turned out – do you remember the disposable cameras when you were younger? Or just look at the photos from your parent's point and shoot cameras. They are totally imperfect snapshots, they hold so much memory and are just so interesting!

Here are my favourite five film photographs, from 2016 and I thought I would share the stories behind them to.

Starting off with Camilla and her bridal party from October 2016 at Pimhill Barn, Shrewsbury. This is taken with a Diana Camera F+ , it 120mm size film so its slightly bigger than standard 35 mm film. They are part of Lomography if you know them? I was second shooting for Leah Lombardi weddings and she had set up group photos. As soon as they had finished I dived in ready and said wait there so I could take a photo with film. I wanted a relaxed group shot and yea its not perfect but I still love it so much. I developed the roll and got goosebumps.It was so nice to see the wedding from a totally different perspective.

In the below black and white Polaroid it was getting close to sunset and I had this idea whilst walking around taking photos of guests at Well being farm, Bolton. I asked if Lucy and Marc would stand in front of the windows whilst looking directly ahead into the camera. I was definitely inspired by Wes Anderson for this Polaroid and I will be doing this deadpan look this summer.

This is Catherine, here she is in the grounds of where she just got married about 30 mins previous in York .Taken with the Diana F+ just before everyone departed to their farm where they had a marque waiting for their reception.This was an opportunity shot as i jumped in with my camera ready - you spotting the theme here? I wanted to capture the branches in the background but I didn't bank on it looking this beautiful!

Jo was literally about to leave her house to get married, all her bridesmaids are in the background along with her dad. A room full of people. I spotted my opportunity and told Jo to look down. Then this happened. Instax wide film. 

My final favourite is Sarah having her portrait taken with Shari in the grounds of Barton Hall Hotel - I spotted the green plants and wanted a way to creatively incorporate them into the photo. This Polaroid was taken with a Polaroid 600 camera - it has a flash and no control over distance.Really a point and shoot but I have so much experience with shooting these cameras now I ma pretty good at guessing how its going to work.

If you like these film photos you might like my page on film at weddings. Please get in touch if you like my work and can see me shooting some film at your wedding!